21 Days of prayer

A congregation that prays together, grows together.

Prayer is a major part of our life as believers, as well as congregation. We believe that there’s not greater power than when followers of Yeshua come together and pray together in His name. That’s when miracles start happening.

Which is why we were inspired to do 21-Days of Prayer, which we started 4 days ago.

We meet with fellow believers from our congregation every morning at 6AM and start walking around our city, praying for our community, for people’s needs, salvation, revival. So far it has really encouraged and inspired us, as we feel recharged and ignited. There’s a definite shift that is felt in the spirit once you start actively seeking God’s face in prayer.

We invite you to send us your prayer requests, which we will lift up in prayer every morning collectively with our congregation. There is real power in prayer!