Shalom dear friends,

the latest wave of persecution has caught us a bit off guard, since this time we are being hounded by no other than Ashdod City Hall itself. It has been clear for quite some time that there are certain groups and individuals that wish to put a stop to Beit Hallel Congregation’s work in the city of Ashdod. We see and experience it through incessant hindering of our work, to the point of harassing and even vandalizing our newly rebuilt and renovated property recently.

Now it has taken a turn for the worse, because these days Ashdod City Hall is disputing our very right to exist as a House of Prayer/Congregation in the city of Ashdod, Israel. Our lawyer recently went to City Hall to inform them that what they are doing is blatant religious discrimination in a democratic nation such as Israel, presenting every possible proof that shows we have been operating strictly according to the law for all these years, and their claims are completely unfounded.

They appeared flustered and uncomfortable with our complaint. But they insisted that they stumbled upon this particular issue purely coincidentally and that it’s not a case of deliberate discrimination against us, which frankly seems highly unlikely seeing that we’ve been a major target of the orthodox Jews in Ashdod for many years now, and again coincidentally we are merely a few days before local municipal elections where certain figures stand to gain a lot of votes and power if they manage to show they have “defeated” us by putting a stop to our work.

We then presented them with a copy of the relevant laws and facts in our defense, and we filed an official complaint stating that their actions are illegal. A certain representative of Ashdod City Hall said that he would check with City Hall’s lawyers, and would get back to us with an official response.

Friends, I ask you to please stand with us in prayer and faith for the strategies and campaigns of the enemy to be cast down in the name of Yeshua (Jesus), and that justice will be done for the believers in Ashdod and for Beit Hallel Congregation, and that this persecution from Ashdod City Hall will work out to the glory of God.

Please keep us in your prayers as we’re facing this new and intense wave of opposition that is trying to disqualify our work completely. As well as, pray for upcoming local municipal elections that will be taking place on October 30th across Israel, when new mayors will be elected, as well as city council members. There are a lot interests and agendas, some are good, some are not. Please pray that God will place the right people in key power positions, that will lead the cities and communities of Israel wisely, ultimately fulfilling God’s will, and not their own.


Thank you for all your prayers, love and support!

Pastor Israel Pochtar