A Journey that lasts an Eternity
Vita’s Testimony

When Vita first attended our weekly service, she had no idea it would be the first step to a journey that would lead her to the Lord.

Vita was just content to spend her Friday night at a vibrant and joyful service with good people, and so she came back for others.

That led her to join us for other services and gatherings, all of which she enjoyed. She would hear the Word of God, however she didn’t really retain much of the messages she heard.

Yet the seeds were sown. God’s work had begun in her heart.

One day she was back home and couldn’t fall asleep. The things she was experiencing on the inside that day could only be described as God’s touch, and she was overwhelmed by it.

During the next home group meeting, when we all shared our testimonies and our experiences with God, Vita finally realized that what she had experienced was the Lord standing at the door of her heart and knocking.

She knew right there and then that her heart was ready and open to receive Yeshua.

When speaking about what Jesus did for us on the cross, her experience of it was so powerful that she started weeping, saying His death was too cruel and brutal on the cross.

Explaining to her the Father’s plan of salvation through His Son, the spotless Lamb of God, it had to be done so our sins could be washed away and we could be redeemed. All she needed to do was to accept that sacrifice and receive Jesus into her heart.

That day Vita weepingly gave her heart to Jesus, praying and crying until God’s joy of salvation filled her and she started laughing and rejoicing. Vita felt like she was drunk, as though she was floating on clouds, there was no heaviness or burden that she could feel anymore.

The Lord found Vita, touched her and she hasn’t been the same since. It’s a journey that lasts for all eternity.