A Servant’s Heart
Elena’s Testimony

When God touches people, He doesn’t just touch one aspect of their lives, He touches them deeply and heals everything that is hurting. 

That is what happened to Elena whom we met when she came to our humanitarian center seeking assistance and help. 

One of our elders, Haim, happened to be there that day and started speaking and sharing His testimony with her.  Having recently lost David, his eldest son who was a soldier in the IDF who died on October 7th, Haim’s heart heals as he witnesses to people and reaches them with the love of God. 

Elena’s heart was touched that day by the Lord, and when Haim started praying for her, something inside her broke down. Her heart opened up and she received Jesus on the spot. 

She took a Bible with her and showed up that same week to our Friday service. Her new found passion for God was evident by her enthusiasm and desire to hear more, see more, know more.

She has been assisting every single service since then, and has met amazing brothers and sisters in Christ at our congregation. 

Having found the Lord, Elena also found she had a servant’s heart, and her desire to serve and help people began manifesting immediately. 

Whether it’s children’s classes, women’s weekly services, or simply cleaning the congregation, Elena has been showing up early to everything, wanting to be of service anywhere she could. 

The only thing slowing her down was her injured arm, which she couldn’t even lift for the pain. However, Elena’s desire to serve brought on the healing she needed to be used by God. 

She testified that after receiving prayer during one of our services, she felt immediate relief. Her arm which she couldn’t even lift before, now was suddenly completely pain-free. 

Elena’s greatest joy wasn’t to be pain-free, but her healing finally enabled her to serve as she eagerly desired, and she was able to assist with cleaning at the end of the service using her arm with absolutely no more pain. 

God’s honoured her servant’s heart and healed her completely, making her salvation complete.