A Soldier’s Story

During this time of war in Israel, the lives and determination of our young soldiers are being tested to the utmost. Some of these young men and women have just completed their basic training, and have already been thrust to the forefront of the war. The casualties among Israeli soldiers have been staggering, and so many young soldiers had their lives cut short at the hands of terrorists in Gaza.

It’s at times like these that these young men and women start seeking purpose in life, and asking questions about their eternal destiny.

One of our dear sons at Beit Hallel congregation, David Ratner, was a brave young soldier who fell in the war, but as a believer in Yeshua, he had made a mighty impact on his fellow soldiers and friends during his life. So many youngsters have been visiting David’s parents, Chaim and Miriam, to offer their condolences and to testify of the impact that David had had on their lives.

And so, a young Ethiopian Jewish soldier, Shlomi, had also recently come by Chaim and Miriam’s apartment to pay his respects.  Shlomi had completed his training for the elite Golani brigade a few months ago and had subsequently been fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza for the past two months. When Shlomi arrived at their apartment, Miriam and Chaim noticed great sadness in his eyes. He was in mourning for his friend David who had fallen in the line of duty. Chaim and Miriam both embraced him and received him warmly into their home. 

They sat down and drank coffee, and spoke at length about life in the army, and the price that it exacted. Shlomi was deeply impacted by the loss of his friend, and Miriam and Chaim’s hearts went out to him. They asked Shlomi if they could share with him about Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, and the hope that we have in Him. Shlomi gladly agreed, and Chaim turned to the Hebrew scriptures and prophecies that spoke about Yeshua and of how He would lay down His life for the sins of mankind, and of the hope of eternal life that He purchased for us on the cross.

After Chaim had shared the Word with Shlomi, he could see that a flicker of hope and consolation had appeared in the young man’s eyes.  Chaim then asked him if he could pray for him, to which he also agreed. So Chaim prayed for him in the name of Yeshua and asked the Lord to reveal Himself to Shlomi and to save him. When they said amen, Shlomi appeared encouraged and very much at peace. They agreed to stay in touch and to meet up again.

We pray that the Word that has been sown into Shlomi’s heart will come to fruition and that many more soldiers like him will hear the Word and be saved through it.

Amen and amen!