A special Arab-Israeli pastors & families retreat

One of our highlights each summer is a special retreat organized by the ministry of our dear friend, Tom Hess, for pastors, ministers and their families. We were close to 300 people this time, spending an amazing time together in fellowship, prayers and study of the Word by the beautiful Lake of Galilee. Despite the difficult time of growing challenges, problems and conflicts in our cultures, we continue to spend time together, Jew and Arab, reflecting the unity and the love we have for one another in the Lord.

It was a beautiful time of worship and joy, with lots of contemporary worship and Middle Eastern sounds. We sang in Hebrew and in Arabic, and it was priceless to see how with each passing year, the friendships that we’ve begun building are only growing stronger.

I’m personally grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this retreat also as a speaker. The chance to share from the Word and inspire other pastors and leaders from the Land, is really amazing.

Being a pastor in Israel is not an easy task. Not only is it not exactly prestigious, unpopular and considered odd to most people in the land, but it’s also very challenging because of the continuous pressure, criticism and persecutions. Maybe that is why God is blessing the work here in Israel in a special way. All those who took part in the retreat went back home encouraged, refreshed and ready to continue carrying out the task God has entrusted them.

Please pray for: 

Pastors and ministers in Israel.

Unity between the congregations and churches.

Growing unity, friendships and love between Israeli and Arab believers.