A special Christmas project

We shared with you about the special Christmas outreach project we were planning at our congregation. For the past few years Christmas has become a cultural fascination and has awakened in many people an interest in something that always seemed so foreign.

So we decided to bring Christmas and its true significance to them by organizing a special night that will bring the Light of Yeshua into the lives of these precious people.

What an amazing evening! Over 400 non-believers came to watch a special musical presentation of the Nativity night and hear a moving message we prepared about the birth of our Messiah. Whole families were left mesmerized and absolutely touched, as the whole atmosphere was aglow with the Spirit of our Messiah Yeshua.

This was such a unique opportunity to reach out to so many. It was a night full of joy which we ended with special Christmas gift vouchers for everybody as part of our humanitarian outreach project. We actually never celebrated Christmas at our congregation, but people’s response was truly overwhelming among the people who were more open than ever. An incredible breakthrough!

We are grateful for all your prayers for this project and we ask that you continue praying for these people’s salvation.