A special visit at the hospital – Prayer for a young paralyzed man

One of our projects is visiting people in hospitals offering them prayer and encouragement. Recently a sister, who is Israeli-born, Avital, was contacted by a man through a social network where she leads an active gospel outreach among other Israelis. He told her he needs prayer for his son, Tzahi, who was left paralyzed after a suicide attempt.

A team from our congregation went to visit Tzahi at the hospital, where his father told us how he has unsuccessfully tried everything he could to help his son’s recovery. Until he heard about Yeshua and knew this is what he was looking for.

When our team started praying for Tzahi, his uncle in that was visiting him at the same time approached our team to hear who we were. He was Jewish Orthodox. Our team offered him to join them in prayer for Tzahi, saying that we pray to the same God and prayer of agreement carries a lot more power. To their amazement he agreed to join them. When Tzahi’s father started explaining to the uncle who we were and about our faith, his reaction was also quite astonishing: he said he respects our faith and has nothing against us.

How amazing to see God’s unique way of opening the hearts of His people and placing them on our path to show them His love.

They all prayed together for Tzahi and we believe the seed the Lord has sown that day in the hearts of Tzahi, his father and uncle will bear the fruit of salvation and healing. Please continue praying for this family and Tzahi’s recovery.