A Warm Hug for the Soul
Women’s Meeting Spotlight

Setting out to organize monthly women’s meetings, it was hard to estimate just how much of an impact they were going to have. 

Each meeting is arranged with a different theme, with our talented team of ladies that are in charge of the design and decorating the space, to create the best possible atmosphere for the meeting. 

What became very clear to us during this last meeting, is that this is a powerful evangelism tool that reaches so many women from different walks of life. Ladies of all ages come together, expecting an interesting time with other women, but then God meets them halfway, and they experience the most remarkable encounters with the Lord during those meetings. 

We received testimonies from women who have never been at our meetings that they didn’t expect to hear about God, nor did they expect prayer… and that it was the best part of the meeting for them. 

The prayer this time was so powerful that some women would begin to weep right where they were sitting. God was touching their hearts in the most precious way, and right when they needed Him most. 

Our monthly women’s meetings have become such a lighthouse for so many ladies, that now they started inviting other women in their lives, colleagues, friends, relatives. 

Women who haven’t even received Jesus yet see the tremendous value and power in women gathering together, sharing, uplifting each other, speaking life into one another, and prayers that transform their hearts. 

Each time we see more and more ladies eager to join our meetings, we hear the testimonies and the heartfelt gratitude for what this valuable time of fellowship does to them and how Yeshua meets them at the crossroads of their lives.

These important meetings are a warm hug from the Lord for the women who come in search of support and find answers to their unspoken prayers. 

We are fully committed to continuing to uplift the women in our community.  Through these monthly meetings, which have additionally become an important evangelism tool, God has been showing up in a beautiful way for each and every one of these ladies, and those who will still come.