Alexa and Neta’s Story

Alexa and Neta are new Jewish immigrants who had recently immigrated to Israel, along with their families. Both of these families arrived in Israel around the same time almost a year ago, and like most new immigrants to Israel, they needed all the help they could get as they settled down in Israel.

They were placed in the city of Ashdod as part of their absorption programme and came to learn from other new immigrants about Beit Hallel Congregation.

They heard about the work we do to help ease the integration of new Jewish immigrants into Israeli society. Alexa and Neta had never met until they joined us at Beit Hallel for one of our new immigrant projects where we distributed care packages to immigrants in need.

Members of our outreach team began to chat with Alexa and Neta, welcoming them to Bet Hallel and explaining the details of the work we do in Israel, as well as why we do what we do. It’s always very important for us to be fully transparent and open about who we are and about our faith so that no one feels any pressure or uncertainty when they come to Beit Hallel for aid. Neta and Alex connected well with our team and started sharing stories about their move to Israel, as well as about their families.

Alexa is a neurologist who was involved in scientific research in Russia and has extensive experience in the medical field, but coming to Israel was like starting all over again as she needed to learn the Hebrew language to realize her dream of continuing her scientific work.

Neta shared with us about her son, Dima, who has autism. She explained that he’s an adult already and that she has to accompany him everywhere he goes. It was and is a difficult and heavy cross for her to bear, but she does it gladly and with overwhelming love, as only a mother can.

And so they both shared their difficulties and challenges of living in Israel with us, and they were so thankful to unburden themselves and to share their hearts with our team. We offered to pray for them, to which they both happily agreed. We all took hands, and we started praying. We prayed for God to intervene in their lives, and for solutions to their difficulties and problems. We also prayed that God would personally meet them and that they would experience His love and His peace, as the One who had sent His only begotten Son for the salvation of mankind.

They both listened very carefully as we prayed and during the embrace after we prayed, we noticed that Alexa and Neta both had tears in their eyes.

They said that they felt an overwhelming sense of peace as we prayed and that they also had goosebumps from the experience.

We invited them to join us for our women’s meetings and offered them Bibles, which they received with joy. They agreed to join us for our women’s meetings and also said that they would like to attend our Shabbat meetings to learn more about God’s plans for their lives.


Please keep Alex and Neta in your prayers as they begin their journey of discovery with the Lord.