Anuar’s testimony

We want to share with you a remarkable story of a young Muslim Bedouin who was raised in a nomadic Bedouin culture, in the tents of the Negev desert. Anuar being one of ten children, never really knew his father’s love. A lot of it has to do with the fact that his father had two wives (completely acceptable in the Islamic religion) and Anuar was the son of the least favorite wife, which made a big difference in regards to how much love, support and affection he got growing up.

Anuar met a young Israeli Russian girl, Orit, who was raised in a believing family but as a teenager she drifted away from God. They dated for a while and eventually got married. After Orit had their first child, she felt drawn again to the Lord and wanted to go back to the congregation. When she was born again, she began witnessing to her husband, urging Anuar to come with her to her congregation.

The road to Anuar’s salvation was long and painful. It was very difficult for him coming from a family of devout Muslims, but God showed him so many miracles and signs along the way that Anuar could no longer continue denying God’s calling for his life. He accepted that Yeshua is the Son of God, received Him into his heart and went on to get baptized in the Jordan River. Anuar testified that when he came out of the water he saw open heavens and Yeshua sitting at the right hand of God, surrounded by angels.

Today Anuar and Orit have three children (who all speak Arabic, Hebrew and Russian. The oldest starting to speak English too) and Anuar always witnesses about how God captured his

heart and changed his life. This unique and wonderful family is one example of the diverse, multicultural and colorful tapestry that comprises our congregation.