Art Exhibit at Beit Hallel Congregation for local Ashdod artists

We always love to support art people among the believers, we here at Beit Hallel we have been blessed with several creative and artistic people who have really enriched our congregation with their creativity and gifts, to name a few: Avital, who is a gifted painter, her daughter Shai – an anointed musician, singer and songwriter in our worship team and others.

This Wednesday we will be organizing our 2nd art exhibit for local artists from our city of Ashdod. The event is coordinated with Ashdod municipality and we are also counting on some key speakers and city officials attending. Although there were a few who canceled their attendance when they learned we are a messianic congregation, the rest were actually even more determined to come and be a part of this special event. It only comes to show what a long way we’ve come in the city that even though there is still a certain amount of opposition, on the other hand there’s much more support coming from surprising directions, such as some city officials.

Our vision with this project is to build a bridge between our local congregation, municipality and local artists in Ashdod.

Pray for our Wednesday art exhibit and the people attending it, both artists and visitors.