Ashkelon Congregation Dedication

We’re so excited to announce that we’re now in the final stretch towards finishing up our new Ashkelon congregation! It was a long and challenging journey, but the Lord is faithful to complete the work that He began in us. Next week we’ll have our official dedication of the new venue, and it promises to be an anointed and blessed time together!

The timing of the change to this bigger and safer underground facility is very important, especially right after the recent war with the Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza. It was a reminder that we needed a place that would allow the body of Yeshua to grow in Ashkelon, unhindered by the frequent rocket and missile attacks from Gaza.

The people of Ashkelon are desperate now for hope and safety, especially those who had just recently made aliyah from Ukraine and Russia. to them this congregation in Ashkelon, which provides a sanctuary in which to worship God and where they can feel safe, is simply a huge blessing.

There’s a beautiful passage in the Bible in the book of Zephaniah:

The land by the sea will be for the rest of the children of Judah; by the sea they will give their flocks food: in the houses of Ashkelon they will take their rest in the evening; for the Lord their God will take them in hand and their fate will be changed.

Zephaniah 2:7

Providing rest for the people of Ashkelon, spiritually as they find Yeshua and are ministered to, as well as physically as they find safety in our underground facility, is prophetic fulfillment!

Within the remaining 10 days before our dedication service, we still need to do some minor repairs and buy a few pieces of furniture and the last few items for the sound system, to ensure that this congregation will be a place prepared and ready for worship!

We would like to invite you to partner with us as we stand in faith for the remaining $2000 to finish up the congregation.

Thank you and God bless!