AWAKE 2018 Youth Conference

 What a fantastic way to end the summer! We wrapped up two days of AWAKE Youth Conference, as well as a special Back to School Project for kids. Both an amazing opportunity to bless our young ones. To see the smiles and joy on the faces of children during our Back to School Project, or the deeply impactful experience that AWAKE has been for our youth, is simply priceless.

Our annual AWAKE Youth Conference saw hundreds of young people coming from all over the country for two powerful days of worship, impacting teachings, workshops and fellowship. It was so exciting to see how God was touching these young people. Every year we have seen just how intense the encounters with God have been for the young people, especially for those who are at that age when they still seek meaning and purpose for their lives. This year was no different.

AWAKE 2018 Youth Conference

It’s amazing how God comes through and pours out His spirit into the youth, to let them know they are never alone, that His purpose and destiny for them is far greater than anything they could ever imagine, or build for themselves. Many young people have been touched by the Holy Spirit, lives have been changed, hearts have been set on fire for the Lord! I have personally been praying for decades and dreaming for so many years to witness what God is currently doing in Israel. What a glorious time to be living in, when you get to see your dreams become a reality!

Back to School Humanitarian Project

Another project that marked a wonderful moment in our action-packed month of August. We brought 200 kids together with their parents to take part in a special project we had organized. There was a special entertainment program for kids that they really enjoyed, as well as a special screening on an animated version of the story of King David. It was so precious to see both kids and their parents completely captivated watching that story.

We have seen firsthand how our humanitarian projects have made a difference for these precious people, the help they receive, the care and love they experience behind those act of kindness that your generosity helps us show them. Nothing goes unnoticed and there’s no greater blessing that to know you have become someone’s answered prayer. During the outreach we gave out 200 backpacks to underprivileged children, as well as additional gift card to purchase school supplies, which can be very pricey, especially for newly immigrated families who have so little to begin with and are trying to make ends meet.


Every small seed helps, every effort counts. When you see how little people have, you realize that even the smallest seed can make a very big difference. I just want you to know how much we appreciate you, your prayers and love. It sustains us and our work in more ways than you know.

Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you”

Much love and thanks, Pastor Israel Pochtar