Back to School Ethiopian Community Outreach
Blessed to be a Blessing

With only a few days left before the start of the school year here in Israel, we decided to expand our reach and spread the blessing further than our community.

For many years we have worked closely with an amazing community of Ethiopian believers whom we have supported whenever possible in diverse humanitarian projects.

One of these projects is Back to School, blessing kids with backpacks and school supplies before returning to classes.

This year we will be going the extra mile and will bless 55 Ethiopian families and their kids who live in a small kibbutz near the Gaza border.

The reality of living (quite literally) next door to the Gaza Strip is pretty intense. That reality includes having only 15 seconds to find shelter from the moment rockets are fired and the siren sounds off.

These are extremely low-income families that live way below the poverty line and genuinely need help in many areas. We consider it a blessing to be one for those in need.

Thanks to your generosity and open heart, 55 Ethiopian-Israeli kids will be able to start their school year with a smile on their faces.