Back-to-School Project:
Turning Bitter into Sweet!

It’s safe to say this summer is unlike any other summer we’ve ever had. 

With war on several fronts, over one hundred thousand Israeli families displaced from evacuated war zones, global pressure on Israel and threats all around — these are proving to be the most trying times in Israel’s history. 

Summer months usually turn into children’s best memories. Yet the current war in Israel has robbed them of this opportunity, as they are forced to face a reality too harsh for their young age. 

September 1st Israeli kids will be starting their new school year, and we want to ensure we at least sweeten their return to classes by organizing our annual Back to School project. 

This project is aimed at providing 500 underprivileged children from families of Olim with backpacks and school supplies to give them a head start in this upcoming new school year. 

These are Jewish families of new immigrants that are not only dealing with the terrible reality of war in Israel but also the rising cost of living while struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. 

We are blessed to be a blessing, and this is our opportunity to show kindness in action. 

Your donation of $80 will help sponsor one child with a special Back to School kit, which will include a new backpack and school supplies.  

Help us make this summer memorable for these children by reflecting God’s love through practical kindness.  

Please donate TODAY!