Be’Ad Chaim – Update on Vicky’s work with a Pro Life organization

My wife Vicky continues her work with pro-life organization BE’AD CHAIM and is seeing amazing fruits with the girls and young women she’s been helping. The purpose is to show these girls an alternative, give them hope in what they see as a hopeless situation and help save their baby from being aborted.

It has been an amazing journey since Vicky began this outreach, something she testifies has blessed her richly in seeing how reaching out a helping hand and giving a young woman hope can change the course of her life, as well as give an opportunity for a new life to be born.

We previously shared about two young women that have struggled with the decision to keep their baby or terminate their pregnancy due to their difficult circumstances. Vicky has been in touch with them and visited them, encouraging them, offering them practical help they might need with a new baby once he is born, something that many times overweighs a young woman’s decision to abort – something so small, yet so crucial.

Recently two of these young girls have given birth to beautiful healthy babies. What a joy to see these young women radiate with happiness as they hold their new born children, knowing they made the right choice to keep them.

One of these girls recently sent Vicky a very touching message to express her gratitude, saying: “I am so grateful to you for all the help you’ve given me; it’s so touching to see all you’ve done for me. Even family doesn’t help that much. May God give you and your family joy, health and may God prosper you always. I really appreciate you and respect you for all you’ve done for me.”

Absolutely precious to see the heart of an Israeli girl touched by the love of God, that she recognizes his providence in moments like these in her life.

Another Ethiopian girl had a very moving story. She came from a family of 9 siblings, 5 of them died. Her father who was an official in a local municipality in Ethiopia had left everything to come with his children to Israel. He is now working at sweeping the streets just so he can put his daughter through dental school, so she can become a dental technician.

Her situation was very complicated, but eventually she decided to have her baby and now is overjoyed with her new child.

So far seven babies have been saved through Vicky’s outreach work with Be’ad Chaim, with two more on the way.

It takes so little to reach a desperate pregnant young woman who is considering terminating her pregnancy. Sometimes all she needs is some basic practical help, but most importantly to know someone cares.

We encourage you to be that helping hand to these young women, you can contribute to this project with the reward being the gift of a new life in this world.