Bearing Witness to God’s Ability to Produce Life from Death

Shalom from Israel and from the city of Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel! The city of Eilat is unique in the fact that it forms a crossroad between the nations of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Today we’re going to look at an important scripture about Eilat in the Bible.

In this scripture we will see a beautiful and relevant message for the days we live in. So let’s read from 2 Kings, chapter 16 and verse 6:

“At that time, Rezin king of Aram recovered Eilat for Aram by driving out the people of Judah. Edomites then moved into Eilat and have lived there to this day.”

We see that King Rezin came with the Edomites, who lived in the mountains of modern-day Jordan right next to Eilat and invaded Eilat to drive out the Israelites and to inhabit Eilat in their stead. From that time, almost 2600 years ago, until the establishment of the modern state of Israel, the Jewish people never inhabited Eilat again.

However, looking at Eilat today, we are made aware of the beauty and faithfulness of God’s Word and promises. Now, almost 2600 years later, the Jewish people once again inhabit Eilat!

Modern-day Israel continues to grow as God’s blessing rests upon this nation, and Eilat has become a prosperous and famous resort city. Despite the fact that’s Eilat is hemmed in by Muslim nations, it remains a safe and beautiful city.

Israeli families flock to Eilat during the holidays, as it’s a family-friendly city with a tremendous variety of activities for families to enjoy together. Eilat is classified as a desert city, and temperatures remain high all year around.

Eilat has known war and destruction for many years since the invasion of the Edomites, but now it’s a beautiful city, full of life that bears testimony to the restoration that God has brought to Israel.

Herein lies a message for us as believers. Sometimes things can go terribly wrong in our lives, and we may be faced with devastation and difficulties, but God is the god of restoration; God is able to bring forth life and abundance where there was once death and desolation.

Let us take a stand of faith and trust God that He can take desolate areas of our lives and bring forth resurrection and restoration. Whatever you are facing today, believe God for the breakthrough. Believe Him for the manifestation of His resurrection power in every aspect of your life. Amen!

I look forward to seeing you all in Israel someday, and I highly recommend that you make time to visit Eilat, to enjoy its beauty and activities. This city will also strengthen you in your faith as it bears witness to God’s ability to bring forth life from that which was dead. Hallelujah!