Rishon leZion Congregation

From Pastor Igor and Natalya from Rishon le Zion

In 2006 the lord gave me (Igor) a vivid dream in which He commanded me to move to Rishon le Zion to start a church. The Lord also spoke to my wife (Natalya) in her dreams to confirm this. In 2014 the Holy Spirit started speaking to us again about Rishon le Zion as we sought the Lord in prayer and the Word.

In 2015, with the blessing of pastor Israel we moved to the city of Rishon le Zion and started to preach on the streets of the city and getting to know people, inviting them to our home, sharing our faith.  We also started running the Alpha Course from our home.  In 2016 we officially opened our church when we signed a lease agreement for a church venue. 

We were 13 people at the start. Pastor Israel opened the first service for us. It was also the day of pentecost and on that day the Lord also gave us our name “First to Zion” from Isaiah 41:27

The vision for our community is the creation of an apostolic prophetic spiritual center, to develop spiritual gifts, cultivate evangelism, and run a Bible School.   

In 2016 we established several home churches in Rishon le Zion, Holon, Beersheva, Netanya, Jerusalem, and Nazareth. We’re committed to the development of the five-fold ministry, and of understanding the significance and importance of our ministry in the body of Christ in Israel.  

Our main need at this moment is to raise up pastors and evangelists to preach the gospel with Acts 1:8 as our driving force. We also need finances to free up teachers, evangelists and pastors for full-time ministry!