Beit Hallel’s 19th Birthday Celebration! What an amazing Journey!

You never truly realize how fast time flies until you look into the rearview mirror of your life and see the amazing and rich journey it has been so far.

Over 20 years ago as I was driving from Jaffa to Ashdod on the same road I’ve taken every single week to teach at a home group I was leading, I experienced an encounter with God that would forever change the course of my life, and reshape the spiritual terrain of the city of Ashdod.

On that very drive God stopped me in my tracks and showed me a vision that transformed not only my life, but of many others over the past 19 years.

The Lord gave me a glimpse of what He was preparing to do in and through Ashdod, and it was powerful and overwhelming. Yet over the years, as He led us through the twists and turns of life, I learned that vision held so much y more than I could’ve ever imagined.

Beit Hallel Congregation was born in 2005 and it was God’s love gift for His people in this region of Israel, which at the time was spiritually desolate. Ashdod, one of the biggest cities in Israel, was without a single Hebrew-speaking congregation, but has now, Beit Hallel, one of the biggest congregations in Israel with a network of planted congregations, a dynamic church life, thriving evangelism, discipleship and youth ministry, as well as an impactful humanitarian work that reaches thousands of Israelis on monthly basis.

Yeshua took us on a remarkable journey over the past 19 years, with its many ups and downs, always guiding and paving the way for a greater impact for His Name sake.

God has been faithful to carry us through countless challenges and obstacles, while granting us the grace and power to build something truly life changing in the Land.

With so much more to come, and driven by the same vision the Lord gave us 20 years ago, we are excited to see what God is going to do through Beit Hallel in the next 20 years in Israel.

Our only goal is to be faithful in what He has entrusted us with.

And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry…
The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.

1 Timothy 1:12, 14

We’re thankful for YOU!

Your love, prayers, kindness, encouragement and unwavering support through the years have made this impactful work possible.

You have been a remarkable ally, sojourner and friends in times when we needed you most. Your heart for Israel and support of this nation have created a far greater impact on this nation than you will ever know.

As Beit Hallel Congregation celebrates its 19th anniversary this month, we look with gratitude at the past, and with excitement to the future.

Thank YOU for being the true friend to Israel that you are, and helping us build God’s kingdom in the Land.