Bringing Back Christmas and Restoring Joy in Time of War

Life and joy can and should coexist alongside grief and loss. It is the very hope that the light still remains shining brightly even in the midst of darkness that propels us forward. 

Israel as a nation is no stranger to grief and loss, it is a cycle we are thrown into time and time again all while attempting to survive. The Lord taught us a way to experience grief and pain without letting it consume you – it is called faith. 

As long as we believe in our nation’s divine calling, and as long as we trust in God’s eternal promises for His people, the tragedies we face will only make our faith more resilient, contrary to what the enemy wants. 

Which is why we want to ensure we focus on rebuilding, restoring and reviving, alongside defending our nation and retrieving those who were kidnapped from us. 

Every year Hanukkah and Christmas are always so close to each other, and it makes their significance all the more profound, especially this year. 

Without taking away from the defense efforts and the much-needed aid we are providing both to our soldiers, as well as displaced families, we also want to start rebuilding and restoring the joy that was stolen from us on October 7th. 

This holiday season will be all about that: a celebration of life and restoration of joy. 

Our upcoming Hanukkah and Christmas children’s projects will be a stark contrast to the trauma the children have had to deal with. It’s all about bringing some color, joy and life back into their world. 

Consider supporting our special Holiday relief project for kids with a gift of $50 that will provide 1 child with a goodie basket, while an additional $30 will help us bless an entire family with a much-needed holiday food package.