Building bridges between Israel and the nations – Australia Night Community Outreach

We recently held another amazing social community outreach with a wonderful mission team from Australia.

Our dear friends from Australia expressed interest in organizing a special fellowship night at Beit Hallel, so we had a wonderful “Australia Night”. We used social media to invite people to this event and no less than 72 people (non-believers) showed up!

Our precious friends from Australia treated people to some delicious hamburgers, we had music, singing and even dancing. The best part was when they shared their testimony, about that special LOVE that brings them to Israel.

They shared about God’s love, His Word, His promises and their faith in Him is what fills their hearts with love for this Land and the Jewish people. That is why they care and that is why they come, share, bless.

People were visibly touched to see foreigners who care so much about people in Israel, about the future of this Land. Who just wanted to come, bless them and spend time with them.

That is why we always encourage people to come, visit us, bring groups from their church. The whole concept behind it is to offer believers from around the world the opportunity to touch Israel’s living stones.

Aside from visiting historical sites in Israel and getting to know her past, it’s very important for people to come and interact with Israel’s present – the people, the living stones of this nation. We have seen how much it enriches and blesses both people who come from overseas and the locals.