Building Project Appeal: The Final Push!

I would like to share some wonderful news with you! We are standing at the threshold of purchasing our very first congregational building here in Ashdod, Israel. This is such an amazing breakthrough! By God’s grace we’ve already raised 90% ($900,000) of the needed funds and we’re believing God for the remaining 10% ($100,000) to complete the building acquisition.

I’d like to please ask for your help in reaching this goal of raising the remaining $100,000. Would you, your congregation, your loved ones, or friends be willing to join hands with us in reaching this milestone for God’s Kingdom in Israel? Your prayers and financial support will make such an impact, and I sincerely thank you! By the way, this sanctuary will be the first Christian congregation/ministry building ever in our city!!!

No gift is too big or too small! We appreciate all the help we can get! Every amount we receive, be it $5, or $50, or $500, or $50,000 will be poured into our building fund to bring us one step closer to this God-given dream of purchasing our very own building for the Lord’s work in Ashdod.

Below are photos to illustrate the building’s interior and exterior. There is much room for growth and development, and it meets all of our needs!

The building will practically make provision for us to continue in the following activities, but on a much larger scale:

1) Currently during our services we have an overflow of people sitting outside on the staircase and this new sanctuary will provide sufficient seating space for all who attend our congregational services, prayer meetings, and humanitarian projects.

2) A home base where evangelists and outreach teams will be forged, equipped and sent forth into the cities of Israel as a cloud of witnesses.

3) The training and equipping of leaders, conducting of discipleship programs, bible school, seminars and conferences, and a center of worship unto God.

4) Humanitarian work, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, assisting refugees from the Ukraine, providing for the needs of Holocaust survivors, single mothers and widows, and neglected children.

5) Social work, organizing of Jewish festivals, celebrations and free outreach concerts, language classes for new immigrants, children summer camps, professional courses, and cultural exchange programs between Christian guests and Israelis.

6) A secure and peaceful location for believers to meet, pray, worship and to be equipped for the work of God, without the intrusions of the Orthodox Jews who persecute us. It will be a facility that will belong to Voice of Judah and which cannot be taken away from us, due to pressure exerted by Orthodox Jews on the building’s owners.

7) A sanctuary that’s welcoming and open for all those in need of aid, prayer, support and where they can find the presence of God and be comforted, in accordance with Isaiah 40:1, “Comfort, comfort My people…”

We are running a race and drawing near our biggest miracle yet – our very own congregation building! We understand that God has a tremendous plan with this building in reaching the lost and providing for the poor. Please stand with us financially and in prayer towards this God-given task to help prepare the hearts of the Jewish people for the return of Yeshua haMashiach, and to co-labor with us towards the great end-time harvest that God has prepared for the nation of Israel.

Matthew 23:39 “For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

To give towards our building project, please follow the donation instructions listed below. Thank you so very much for your support in our building project! It will be our privilege to host you very soon in our new sanctuary here in the land of Israel!

To give by credit card, or PayPal, or check, simply click this link to donate or go to Giving