Call for Aid during Time of War:
New Wheels to get the Job Done!

A vehicle is a valuable asset for any ministry, as we at Beit Hallel can fully attest to. Whether it’s transporting daily essentials and bulletproof vests to our soldiers fighting the war against Hamas, distributing humanitarian aid to families displaced and affected by the war, taking people to and from our congregational services and conferences, missions work and events, or conveying the youth to all of their various activities, the list goes on.

The wheels of our minivans barely stop spinning as we do the work of the Lord here in Israel, in partnership with our friends from all over the world who love and support Israel.

Ministry minivans have a limited lifespan, especially here at Beit Hallel, due to the incredible work output invested towards our spiritual and humanitarian efforts in Israel. There comes a point though that your ancient minivan just says “Enough is enough” and it starts costing you more in maintenance than a quality second-hand mini-van will cost you. The math adds up and it just makes more sense to sell off the old van for a newer and reliable vehicle. After all, we can’t afford to waste time, as Israel’s spiritual clock is ticking.

With that said, we plan to sell off our oldest minivan and invest that amount towards a newer and good quality second-hand minivan.

We expect to receive about 14,775 EUR for the van. That means that we only need to raise an additional 19,700 EUR to purchase the newer van that we have identified. A newer and reliable minivan would be a massive boost to our war relief efforts at this time, allowing us to safely and punctually arrive for all of our projects and outreaches. It would also allow us to be good stewards of God’s money, and not to keep pouring finances into a vehicle that keeps breaking down.

We would like you to please consider partnering with us in this very practical investment of purchasing a new minivan for our ministry work. This will directly impact our spiritual and humanitarian output during this difficult season of Israel’s history. These vans are used solely for ministry purposes, and they work day and night to further God’s kingdom in Israel. Any amount that you or your church can sow into this project will make the collective call for aid easier, allowing us to continue our work at full steam, not losing momentum at all.

Thank you for standing with Israel during this critical time of its existence.

“Am Israel Chai!”
(The Nation of Israel Lives)