Called to be Fishers of Men
How you can be a part of releasing full-time evangelists in Israel

Called to be Fishers of Men

We’re all called to be disciples and carry the gospel to this lost world, but every now and again we cross paths with very unique people that have a truly special anointing and calling on their lives, and it is evident by their way of reaching people and the fruit they bear.

Chaim and his wife Miriam are an anointed couple with a great calling to evangelism. Their dynamic and loving people approach has made them a great blessing to the ones they reach with the gospel.

Miriam’s story is quite remarkable because as a mother of 6, spending most of her time at home raising her children, was a challenge; She is a stay-at-home mom, yet is called to “go out there and make disciples…

She would often pray that God would send people her way because she knew she couldn’t go anywhere. “Sometimes the only place I would go to was the local playground with the kids”, Miriam says with a smile. But God isn’t limited by anything. He creates divine encounters everywhere.

One day Miriam met Naomi, a young mother at a local playground, who wasn’t too keen on chatting with her initially. Naomi was a bit reserved, and it took a while before they started speaking. Once that barrier was broken, something amazing happened: Naomi completely transformed after Miriam led her to Yeshua. That change was so amazing, that Naomi ended up leading one of our bigger home groups for the newly saved.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…

Matthew 28:19

That’s the great commission in action through normal people with normal lives, but with extraordinary calling leading to extraordinary results.

Both Miriam and Chaim are so incredibly passionate about people and reaching the lost, that it’s just amazing to see people get healed and saved through them everywhere they go.

These are the type of workers we need in the fields of Israel.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

Matthew 9:37-38

There’s so much harvest in Israel these days, that it’s not about looking who to reach, but having the workers and resources to send them out into the fields.

That is what we’re currently praying and looking for: Those who are passionate about reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and those who are willing to invest in supporting a worker like Chaim and Miriam, to be released full time into the mission fields of Israel, carrying the gospel of Yeshua the Messiah to His people, until “…all Israel will be saved.Romans 11:26

Are you, your church, or your home group sponsoring evangelists in the fields where people hunger for Yeshua/Jesus?

Would you consider investing and supporting a full-time Israeli harvest worker?

The turbulent days we’re living in indicate there hasn’t been a better time than now. There are few callings as precious as sponsoring those who have been commissioned by God to carry the Gospel into uncharted spiritual territories. Israel is one of the most unreached nations in the world, with only 30,000 believers out of 9.3 million people.

If you, your church, or your home group would like to sponsor evangelists Chaim and Miriam on a monthly basis or with a one-off gift, please consider making a donation TODAY!