Called to be Life Bearers

Women’s Ministry Spotlight

It’s no secret that there is something powerful about female leadership. Women are naturally gifted with an endless capacity to love, nurture and connect. After all, they are the ones created by God to be life bearers. 

Sacrificial life giving quality is something women are blessed with naturally. It is a gift from God to better reflect His own heart. 

At Beit Hallel we are blessed to have some amazing women on our team, who enrich, empower and edify so many aspects of the ministry, by having that very quality that is so needed to reach the lost. 

Reaching out to women in our communities takes special, caring, nurturing and godly women. Our Miriam is a great example of that. 

A wife and a mother of 5, Miriam embodies that nurturing female nature that is so crucial when ministering to other women.

On her journey of raising 5 kids, while also being fiercely devoted to service to others, Miriam has met many women along the way from all walks of life: young, mature, single, married, divorced, widowed. The life stories she has heard are astonishing, not a single one repeating itself, yet there’s a common thread through them all: deep aching need for God. Which showed there’s was a huge need in developing strong women’s ministry. 

That is how our monthly women’s gatherings started initially. 

These meetings have become invaluable to so many women, that every time there are new ladies joining in, wanting to be a part of them. 

Each meeting is arranged as a celebration with a theme, and the response has been overwhelming. 

Elena is a great example of the transformative power of women’s ministry. While attending our monthly women’s meetings things got complicated in her family life. 

When we invited her to our Shabbat service, Elena was doubtful at first, worrying she might have to speak about private things happening in life with strangers. But she decided to let go of that fear, sensing she needed to be there.

She showed up, and the Lord met her on her own “road to Damascus”.  The weekly sermon, the message, the church prayer at the end, the anointing and atmosphere of love — it all made an impact on Elena that she knew immediately this was the place for her, and undoubtedly she would be back next week.

The Lord has healed so many things in her life, all because she was reached and touched through our women’s ministry. 

The healing and transformative power of women ministering to women is amazing.  There’s something truly special that God does through women’s ministry that overflows into family, as well as church life. The fruit of it all is salvation and changed lives in our community.