Ceasefire Achieved After Rocket Attacks – Update!

After having half the country sitting in bomb shelters for close to a week, with over 1000 rockets fired at Israel, finally a ceasefire was declared.

However, it is a stressful situation that is difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t lived it himself.

Many people have recently arrived from Ukraine, fleeing the terrors of war, only to find themselves under rocket fire once again. There were many people suffering severe panic attacks and PTSD.

We can only say how thankful we are for your prayers that always come through at the right time. Thanks to the power of your prayers, this latest round of rocket fire was over relatively quickly.

Together we continue to stand in prayer on this 21 days of prayer journey, knowing that prayer has immense power to build, as well as destroy what the enemy plots.

As we are now on day 8 of this 21 days of prayer journey, continue praying with us for Israel’s protection and salvation. Amen!