Celebrating small victories – Launching Renovation Work

We believe God deserves all the glory for every victory we experience in our life, no matter how small or big. Which is why we consider it a total victory the fact that we are finally able to announce that we have officially started the renovation work in our new building.

We’ve experienced too many obstacles along the way, there are too many sources in our city that do not want to see us prosper in building a gathering place for believers, and they actively oppose it. We’ve had threats and criticisms in the local press calling to stop us and our work. Which is why we need your prayers for protection over this project, God’s favor and grace, as well as His provision.

We will be entering phase II of the renovations in a few month’s time, and we’re still in the process of raising all the necesary funds for it, so the building can be finished on time for our congregation to move before our current lease is up.

Please pray with us!