Challenges of the Israeli Summer –
A Call to Action

Since we initially moved our Beit Hallel Ashkelon church to a renovated bomb shelter we converted into a congregational facility, it has been a blessing for those who attended weekly services, prayer meetings, as well as our humanitarian projects.

However, as with everything, things that are used, let alone used heavily, also tend to break down and need to be repaired.

With the intense Israeli summer in full swing, we noticed the Air Conditioning system used at our BH Ashkelon bomb shelter hasn’t been working properly, making it practically unbearable to be inside, and resulting in many people choosing to not frequent the congregation they otherwise all flock to.

Israeli summers are no joke, and without a properly operating AC system in place, it’s impossible to continue operating from that building until it is repaired. Once repaired we can resume our projects, meetings and services that many are missing.

We received a quote from the AC technician to replace all the units in our main hall, which would cost $2,500

The lack of a properly working AC has negatively affected not only BH Ashkelon’s weekly attendance but also hindered our staff and volunteers from distributing food and other humanitarian projects from the facility. 

Would you prayerfully consider supporting the replacement of AC units at our BH Ashkelon congregation, so people once again can enjoy the blessings of church gatherings and fellowship? 

It’s the small things that make a big difference in the kingdom of God. 

We appreciate you and give thanks for your always generous heart! 

Fixing the AC is a needed in the current heat