Comfort, Comfort My People
Post-War Humanitarian Efforts Continue!

Every single time there’s an escalation and we again find ourselves under rocket fire from Gaza, it doesn’t really matter how long it might last; days, weeks. For us, who live in this reality, it is an ongoing war that we cannot seem to escape from, and time after time find ourselves yet again hearing that terrifying sound of sirens alerting us there are rockets fired at us and we have 30 seconds to take cover. It’s hard to describe how it feels, it can only be experienced to understand how horrifying the sounds of war truly are.

It is that much more traumatizing for newly immigrated people from Ukraine that just fled the terrors of war, and are now forced to face it all again.

Isaiah 40:1, speaks of bringing “comfort” to the people of Israel, in Hebrew “Nechama,” (נֶחָמָה). This is why in times like these, of war and post-war, it is more important than ever to reach out a helping hand and offer comfort, encouragement, kindness, and practical assistance to those affected by it.

As we continue to deliver food packages and important essentials to new immigrants and their families, consider helping them in this difficult time by supporting our humanitarian efforts.