Comfort, Comfort My people! – Prayer for Israel

Israeli Elections:

Today millions of Israelis will head out to the polls to vote in the fifth round of elections in the last 3 years. This country has been on a political roller coaster for too long, and it has been taking its toll on the nation. Israel’s political uncertainty, leadership crisis, social divide, as well as the economic crisis have only accentuated just how desperately Israel needs its Christian friends to stand alongside us now more than ever.

Please pray with us for the outcome of tomorrow’s elections in Israel: for godly government, wisdom for leadership, grace and mercy as Israel is facing its toughest crisis yet.

Discipleship and Post-Evangelism Follow-Up:

Evangelism work doesn’t end when the preacher finishes his sermon and does an altar call, but it merely begins there, which is why our follow-up work is such an important part of our post-evangelism projects.

Our Discipleship Course is part of our post-evangelism follow-up work and is focused on the newly saved, or those who are seeking God. We try to make each weekly meeting a special one, with some food and coffee, in order to create a warm atmosphere where people will be able to feel at home, open their hearts and truly meet God.

Please pray for this crucial work that disciples and leads so many people to Christ.

New Ashkelon Congregational Building:

The vision was to build a strong congregation in Ashkelon that reaches thousands of people. We have seen the effectiveness of our work and outreach in Ashdod, and we have applied the same principles in Ashkelon, seeing wonderful results and responses.

God has been preparing us to move even more effectively in Ashkelon, showing us how His word and testimony are changing countless lives in that city, but now the time has come to take it to the next level! Our congregation membership base has outgrown our current capacity for Shabbat services and humanitarian distribution, and we also don’t have any rooms available for kids’ meetings.

Please pray for favour, provision, and grace that we might find God’s chosen new building for us in Ashkelon in order to expand our current capacity, allowing for bigger worship services and weekly meetings, children’s classrooms, as well as extra space for humanitarian distribution in Ashkelon.