Cyprus Leadership Seminar
Keeping Pastors’ Wineskins Full

Being a full-time pastor is not a synonym for a cushioned comfortable life. Not in Israel.

Most of the local Israeli pastors also have full-time jobs in the marketplace, while pastoring their congregations full-time. That is a lot. Especially considering pastors need to pour so much of themselves into others.

God entrusted us with His flock, and our pastoral ministry carries a formidable weight of responsibility. We have to ensure we also allow our pastors the time and space to reset, recharge and refill their wine vats. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Cyprus Leadership Seminar provided that opportunity for local Israeli pastors, to get away for a few days, to spend it in edifying training and teaching, fellowship with one another, motivating, encouraging and empowering each other as we journey together.

Pastors from all across Israel came together in Cyprus for this necessary leadership seminar and were deeply touched and grateful for this amazing opportunity to spend time together.

They testified how much it meant to them to be in such an impacting and uplifting environment where they were on the receiving end of teachings, prayer and fellowship.

The goal was to train and provide our pastors with tools to be more effective in the fields, as well as be encouraged to serve.

For many of them this was a much-needed time to step away and immerse themselves in the Word of God, so they can be recharged and use the tools they reviewed to apply in their churches in order to bring them to the next level.

Right before the seminar, something happened that affirmed to me the importance of these retreats and seminars for pastors, when one of the pastors from the north came to see me and said how he missed fellowship with other pastors. As he said it, he broke down and started crying right there in my office.

It’s heartbreaking to see Israeli pastors on the verge of breaking down, because they need to also be recharged and invested in when they pour so much of themselves into others, all the while having additional and oftentimes full-time jobs in the world.

What a blessing it was for these pastors, as well as many others that came with us to Cyprus, to be together, soak up the Lord’s word and presence, break bread together and share in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

We’re grateful for this opportunity that you were a part of through your generous giving!