“Do not discard me in my old age…” – Relief for the Elderly

In the later stages of life, older people often find themselves forgotten, abandoned, ignored and overlooked. However, in God’s eyes, a soul is ageless, whether it’s a newborn or an elderly person, it’s a life that He created, one He came to save, love and care for.

Bringing dignity to the elderly people in our society and communities is an important calling, and it is affirmed by God’s word.

Do not discard me in my old age; do not forsake me when my strength fails.

Psalm 71:9

Reaching out a helping hand to elderly and often lonely people, many of whom live in retirement homes and are in dire need of kindness and the love of God, is important on so many levels. It reflects our commitment to the people of Israel as a whole, and affirms our calling to shine the light of Christ in the midst of darkness.

What older people need most in their past days of life is to know they still matter; to experience comfort and concern, that someone cares enough to reach out a hand of mercy.

Our current humanitarian relief project is geared towards supplying the lonely elderly people in our community with food baskets, as well as winter items such as blankets, pillows, heaters.

Help bring dignity to the lonely elderly Israelis by GIVING towards this relief project today.

Your generosity and act of kindness goes a long way and shines brighter than you realize.