Donation Policy

Donation Articles and Cancellation Policy

  1. This website is the official website of Beit Hallel Congregation (“organization”) and allows collecting donations for the organization. All website use, including donations, constitutes your agreement to comply to these regulations and follow them.  Please read the rules carefully.
  2. Beit Hallel Congregation enables you to donate to the organization’s needs in an easy, convenient and fast way through this site – you can pay by credit card, bank transfer or telephone.
  3. When making a credit card donation, the card will be checked with the credit card company and the user will receive an immediate reply as to the status of the transaction and whether it was accepted or rejected. The payment operation is secure with the PCI DSS
  4. Standard Cancellation / Transaction Policy: The transaction initiator (donor) will be entitled to request a change in billing details and cancel a transaction. A transaction can be canceled within 30 days after the contribution confirmation was given via telephone or online under the Consumer Protection Act 1981. The organization will make the required change in accordance with the credit card company policy at the time. If the credit company charges the organization with a commission for the action, the transaction initiator will be charged with the commission.
  5. Do not give false details.  Filing false details is a criminal offense.  The offender might face legal, criminal and civil repercussions.
  6. If the transaction is not approved by the credit company, the donor will receive a notice. In order to complete the operation, the donor must contact the organization by telephone.
  7. The Company will not be held responsible for any illegal activity done by site participants or for any other party not under its full control.
  8. Interpretation of these bylaws and the enforcement of the bylaws or any resulting action and / or dispute shall be made in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.  Any dispute or question in connection with these bylaws shall be decided by the authorized judicial court.
  9. I acknowledge that my age is at least 18 years old and that I have read and agree to the Site Policies and Privacy Policy.
  10. Privacy Policy: Organization recognizes the obligation to maintain donor privacy and will not disclose donor information to third party.
  11. The sites processing your financial information on our behalf are PCI DSS secure.
  12. If you do not agree to the terms of this Policy, you are requested not to use this website and the connected processing sites.