Eilat Congregation Facing Eviction
Urgent Update

One of the “side effects” of living in a country as complex as Israel is being subject to the continuous flow of ever changing circumstances.

As much as we want and need some stability, especially when it comes to pastoring a congregation, oftentimes we find ourselves thrown into a circumstantial tornado, one only prayers and support can help us come out of.

Ariel, the pastor of our Eilat’s congregation, shared with us that after 8 years of having church services in the same building, they are now forced to move.

Earlier this week pastor Ariel met with the landlord of the building, to speak about their future in this venue. During the meeting the landlord notified pastor Ariel that they are no longer interested in having a messianic congregation gathering in their building, and to ensure they will not seek to renew their contract, the landlord raised the rent by over 50%, while also changing the conditions in a way that no longer allows the congregation to rent there.

Pastor Ariel shares that this comes as a result of an ultra orthodox charity organization that rented facilities in the same building where our congregation was also renting, and they started pressuring the landlord into evicting or not renewing the lease with our Eilat Congregation after 8 years of working together.

The main problem arose when in search of other facilities for the congregation pastor Ariel and his team realized there are no suitable places in Eilat for the kind of activities a church requires. The only option would be to rent an entire building, which would be impossible cost wise.

Currently the only option our Eilat congregation faces is to move out of the facility they’ve been using for the past 8 years, and find a new place within the next 5 weeks.

After a lot of searching, pastor Ariel and his team found a place that fulfills the congregation’s requirements in price, size and location. However, extensive renovation work is required — flooring, sanitation, plumbing, lighting, air conditioning, etc.

While there is funds for rent, the budget for renovation is non-existent. The minimum budget needed to renovate is $33,000. If they are able to raise the necessary funds by the end of May, they will go ahead and sign the lease on this building and start the renovation project to have the congregation ready as soon as possible for services.

Consider supporting our Eilat Congregation in this new challenge they’re facing! Helping build the house of God in Israel is opening the doors for Him to build our home.

Let them construct a sanctuary for Me, that I may dwell among them.

Exodus 25:8