ELAV – Arab & Israeli Youth Conference

In August we sent our youth to an annual Arab Israeli youth conference where over 500 young people from all over Israel, as well as Palestinian territories and all over the world, came together to spend time together in teachings, worship, prayer and fellowship.0

It was an amazing time for all the young people who were a part of the conference, from morning till evening Jewish and Arab youth were joined by young people from the nations and worshipped God with their whole hearts, praying for each other, prophesying, fellowshipping and simply having a blessed time together.

Our youth group that attended the conference testified to the incredible atmosphere at the conference, saying it was so powerful that our young people didn’t want to leave the building where the conference took place. They would gather together with their guitars and continue praising the Lord.

We heard many interesting testimonies; one of them comes from a former Muslim girl, named Islam. About a year ago she heard the gospel and even though she received it, she was unsure of her path and was still searching for the truth. During one of the services at the conference she asked for prayer as she wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. The minute people started praying for her, immediately she received the Holy Spirit.

It is really amazing to see how Islam received the Holy Spirit. How symbolic! Our God is truly awesome and is unlimited in what he can do or whom He can reach.