Elena’s Testimony

It’s so amazing to see how God can touch the hearts of people as they go about their everyday lives. People might be at work, walking in the park, or relaxing at home, and have their lives completely changed and set on a new course. Just a touch from Him is all we need. 

Such is the story of Elena, who made aliyah (immigration) to Israel from Ukraine just over a year ago. Elena had been working as a caretaker of the elderly since she arrived in Israel, and it just so happened that one of the ladies whom Elena took care of was the grandmother of one of our follow-up workers, Miri.

Miri would encourage Elena whenever she saw her and would sow the good seed of God’s word into her life. Elena responded wonderfully to the Word and genuinely appeared uplifted by their conversations. Miri subsequently invited Elena to attend our events at Beit Hallel, whether it was to aid her practically with humanitarian aid, or whether it was to join with the saints of God in worship and prayer.

Eventually, Elena decided to join us for our most recent evangelism event in the city of the patriarchs, Be’er Sheva, and it turned out to be a life-transforming blessing to her. Elena testified afterwards that the preaching that went out that day touched her heart deeply, and set her life on a new course as she responded to the Word. Elena decided there and then to pursue God and His calling on her life wholeheartedly. 

After the event, Miri spoke to Elena at length about her experience there and Elena replied that her heart felt renewed and that she simply knew it was time for her to join our congregational and women’s meetings. She also expressed her desire for a Bible (which she has received in the meantime), in order to get to know God more intimately by studying the Word daily.

It was so beautiful to witness how this dear lady was transformed by God’s touch! 

Let’s keep praying for Elena, that God would strengthen her faith, and that she would go from glory to glory in her walk with Him. May she find her calling in Him and be a witness unto multitudes of those in need of God!