The Ethiopian Aliyah—You sent Them to School for their First Time in Israel!

Israel is truly a melting pot of ethnicities, mainly due to the 2000 year of diaspora. The Jewish people were literally scattered all over the world. Currently you can find Jewish communities even in the farthest corners of the earth. 

Ethiopian Jews are a special community that has faced a lot of hardships, especially in recent days when there are many of them trying to make their way out of war stricken regions in Ethiopia and find shelter and home in Israel. 

One of our leaders at Beit Hallel is Tes, an Ethiopian Jewish brother who made the difficult journey of Aliyah very young, he now worked very closely with Olim from Ethiopia and is an absolute blessing to our congregation. 

He drew our attention to a group of 55 kids of Ethiopian Jewish families that recently arrived in Israel after fleeing the war in Ethiopia. 

Having arrived with barely anything and facing sending their kids to school for the first time in Israel was hard enough, but to add to that having no school supplies, notebooks or backpacks — it made the start of the school year daunting for them. 

Tes arranged for us to come to them and bring all 55 of those precious children everything they needed for school. Just like the Back to School project we did here in Ashdod, we extended it to this amazing community of Olim from Ethiopia. 

Tes and our whole team was so deeply touched to see their overwhelming gratitude to receive this blessing, and it was thanks to YOU. 

You helped send kids to school fully equipped! 

Your generosity helped provide so many children this summer with everything they needed for the new school year. Then God stretched the blessing even farther, and 55 more children of Ethiopian Jewish Olim were also blessed and started the school year in Israel knowing they are loved and cared for by dear friends like you. 

We thank the Lord for you and what He is accomplishing through your loving and generous heart.