In the past year over 1800 people had an opportunity to attend our evangelism outreach campaigns and hear the gospel for the first time in their lives.

Our special gospel outreach tours where we take people to biblical places in Israel and preach the gospel to them, making the bible come alive in a unique way,

through which we are able to reach about 3000 people a year, additionally street evangelism increases our reach to another 1000 people annually.

We also conduct a special evangelism course for new believers or seekers who wish to learn more about God. The course takes place every week for 7 weeks and we have seen an overwhelming response with many graduating the course. Many have started also attending our weekly congregation services and the testimonies are amazing.

Another aspect of our ministry work and outreach has been organizing special celebrations, such as Passover and Christmas. Inviting non-believers to these events where they would hear the gospel tied to their Jewish roots. It is another wonderful way to reach people with the message of salvation, and there have been some amazing testimonies of people who were touched during these events.