Fleeing the Ukrainian War and finding Refuge in Israel

Fleeing the Ukrainian War and finding Refuge in Israel

What happens to people who manage to flee the war in Ukraine and find shelter somewhere?

The sad reality is that their troubles don’t end once people reach safety. They just face a new set of challenges and troubles, and in a new country no less.

Katya and baby Yesenia’s story is a special one, simply because they found refuge in Israel, but they have no one in this land.

Mother and her baby daughter are alone in Israel, but Katya is so thankful for the opportunity to have shelter after leaving her shelled city in Ukraine. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my baby”, Katya says as she breaks down in tears.

Her story is one of so many, and it reflects the reality that people are facing right now.

The journey was long and excruciatingly hard on so many levels. Having to say goodbye to her husband that had to stay behind and join the war efforts, seeing him kiss his baby girl goodbye, not knowing if they will see him again.

It might sound like a scene taken from a wartime movie, but it’s not. It’s the reality of so many people currently that have become refugees overnight. Separated from their families and loved ones, seeking shelter in other countries, carrying not much more than the clothes on their backs.

This is Katya and baby Yesenia’s reality. A young mother who fled with her baby and is now alone in Israel, with no family, relatives or means to support herself.

The situations and circumstances are terrible, but God has placed people like you on their path to show them there’s always hope in Him. Your kindness and generous heart has been the pulse that has propelled this humanitarian relief project, and has enabled us to help so many people escaping Ukraine’s war.

Katya and baby Yesenia are the ones you are helping support with your generosity and kindness. Your donations go towards helping people like her, and it makes the biggest difference!