Fruits from our Jerusalem Outreach

Our most recent Jerusalem outreach event turned out to be a huge success as over 30 people joined us for tea and fellowship. What started as a simple invitation to drink tea and engage in conversation far exceeded our expectations.

Our entire follow-up team came together to serve our guests, engaging in meaningful conversations and sharing the Gospel message with love and compassion. Towards the end of the gathering, we took the opportunity to share about the Purim holiday in Israel and how it is a time to commemorate the Lord’s protection over the nation of Israel, as chronicled in the book of Esther, which impacted people greatly.

We also shared about the power of prayer in bringing salvation and deliverance to people, and even recounted a powerful testimony of a woman who received healing during one of our earlier Biblical excursions that we hosted monthly. It was a tremendous encouragement to all present to hear about the way that God works in people’s lives in real and tangible ways. 

As we neared the end of our meeting that day, we invited all of those who were in need of prayer to remain behind, and together we lifted up prayers for the needs of the people present, as well as for the healing of physical suffering. It was a beautiful and impactful time of community, faith, and connection.

One of those who had stayed for prayer, Simeon, had been reading the Bible and other books by impacting Christian authors which we had given him, over the course of many weeks. Slowly, but surely the Word of God had seeped into his heart, and our sessions together in Jerusalem had watered those seeds, bringing him ever closer to Jesus through the fellowship and the presence of the Holy Spirit. After the conclusion of our meeting, Simon came up to our team members and expressed a sincere desire to accept Jesus into his life. 

Confronting his struggles with fear and depression, Simeon joined us in praying the prayer of repentance, accepting the Lord into their heart. It was a wonderful moment, as Simeon found immediate solace and joy unspeakable as He received the Lord and became born again. As he departed, he testified of how a sense of joy and freedom had enveloped him, and that all the emotional and mental pain that he had been struggling with had dissipated. Hallelujah!

This testimony shows the transformative power of faith and the healing power of Jesus.
All glory to Him!