Galilee Evangelism
Message of Hope for Passover

In troubled times God’s message of hope and deliverance carries a greater impact. Our recent evangelism event attests to that. 

Bringing together over 600 people from all walks of life to one place, where we got to take them on a unique tour of biblical places, and then shared with them the powerful message of salvation in Yeshua — it was no wonder the atmosphere was thick with anticipation and anointing. 

Hearing the Word of God for the first time in their lives, people opened their hearts in a profound way. They were engaged and attentive, expectant and amazed when God began healing people right where they were. 

Just days before one of the most important biblical feasts in the Bible: Passover, there couldn’t have been a more perfect message to deliver during this time than about Jesus — our Passover, the perfect Lamb of God sacrificed for our sins to deliver us from slavery. 

When the moment came to stand up for prayer, the vast majority closed their eyes and were visibly moved when they prayed and accepted Yeshua into their hearts. 

The seeds were sown, the word of God was planted and His Spirit sealed it in people’s hearts with His anointing and presence. 

It was a remarkable moment and a gospel event that undoubtedly left its mark on people’s lives. 

Those who came thirsty did not leave as they came. God poured Himself mightily over everyone in attendance, and we’re thankful for YOU, for supporting evangelism in Israel at this time. 

Thanks to your unwavering support, we are not only able to reach people with the gospel in Israel, but also witness the powerful way in which God moves in the Land.