Galina’s Testimony

Galina's Testimony

Galina made aliyah to Israel a number of years ago, and we had come to know her as a compassionate and precious woman who has been searching for truth her entire life. She had initially come to visit one of our home groups for the first time after one of our mass evangelism events in the Galilee. In the photo above she can be seen as the blonde lady on the right. She told us about herself and that she had been a lieutenant colonel in the Ukrainian police force, and that she had studied atheism.

She was not a believer but she confessed that there had been events in her life where she began to ask God for help and to find the true path. She searched in different religions and did not find it, but at our evangelism event the Lord touched her heart and she prayed the prayer of salvation and opened her heart to Jesus. When Galina came to our home group the week after the evangelism, she had many questions and expressed her sincere desire to grow in her knowledge of Jesus, to know what it means to be in a loving relationship with him, and how to grow in her newfound faith.

We prayed with Galina, presented her with her very first Bible, and began sowing the Word of God into her life through sound Biblical teaching during the subsequent weeks and months. Galina’s life has changed dramatically and she has been flourishing in her walk with Jesus. She has become a precious child of the Lord, and a part of the great end-time revival that is happening in the land of Israel.