God Heals! – Testimonies

5-Year Old Healed from Leukemia

Despite the different attacks on people’s health lately, where darkness abounds, light abounds even more. There are some powerful healings taking place these days:
A few days ago we sent a team from our congregation to the hospital to pray for a 5-year old boy whose mother is a member of our congregation. He was diagnosed with Leukemia.
Our team came and prayed for the boy’s healing and he immediately started feeling better, once the doctor ran some tests on him, they could not find a trace of leukemia in his body!


Young Israeli woman healed of brain cyst

Abigail, a single mother of 4 kids (2 adopted) recently brought to the congregation a young friend of who was diagnosed with brain cyst.
Eitan had prayed for her during one of the services, and when she went back to the doctors, they couldn’t find a trace of any cysts!
We see how mightily God is working and healing people, it encourages us to continue standing in faith and prayer for Eitan’s wife, Shelly and her medical condition.
Please continue praying for her healing!