God is not finished with the Middle East
Reconciliation Conference in Turkey

The post-October 7th era has uncovered and unveiled a deeply rooted hatred that finally found a way to manifest itself – loud and proud. 

The Middle East has never been more hostile towards Israel than currently.

One of the countries that has been most vocal against Israel has been Turkey, which up until three months ago enjoyed a rich and steady influx of Israeli tourism and flourishing business relations. 

However, that has changed, and Israeli authorities have taken that blunt hostility very seriously, issuing a travel warning for Israelis to Turkey. 

Nevertheless, as believers, our mission is clear.

Our calling doesn’t change according to the level of hostility of a country against us. Paul traveled throughout the world, even while being persecuted and his life was threatened. If it wasn’t for his fearlessness, most of the world wouldn’t have heard the gospel. 

An annual Middle Eastern reconciliation conference that takes place in Turkey in February has always been an incredible source of powerful encouragement for our team, which would go there to connect with fellow believers from all over the Middle East. 

It has always been a unique opportunity when Israeli believers (both Jews and Arabs) would meet with believers from Arab countries and hear their testimonies on what God is doing in their nations while sharing what the Lord is doing in Israel. 

Having that rare and precious glimpse into the healing power of Jesus’ love, how it banishes all hatred towards Jews and Israel and reconciles us to one another is powerful, even while our nations are enemies. 

That is something you won’t see on any news network, but to have that unique opportunity to witness it from the inside and bring not only our Middle Eastern brothers encouragement from Israel, but to also report back to YOU, having been with them, and hearing firsthand how powerfully God works in the Middle East, despite what you may see on the news — that is a trip worth taking for our team, despite the implications of going to Turkey at a time like this. 

Please pray for our team member’s protection and favour during this important trip, as well as for the spirit of reconciliation to continue healing and binding together what the enemy has tried to tear apart. 

If it is in your heart to support the ministry of reconciliation between Jews and Arabs, Israel and the Middle Eastern nations, consider donating and being a part of the reconciliation bridge God is building in our region, especially in these dark times.