God’s Army of Comforters

When God said in the book of Isaiah 40: “Comfort, comfort My people!” it was more so a calling than a command.

Knowing full well how much His people will have to endure and go through, God knew they would need an army of comforters around them in the form of nations who would stand faithfully alongside Israel and uplift His people when they are going through their fiercest battles.

A lot has changed since God spoke those words through the prophet Isaiah, yet one thing remained the same. The people of Israel are still fighting for their right to exist, and they are still in deep need of comfort.

Since war broke out on October 7th, Israel has lost a great deal of her finest sons. Our most courageous, fearless and selfless soldiers have gone into battle knowing they might need to give their lives for this land, and too many of them have done just that.

Having made the ultimate sacrifice, many of these heroes left behind families, loved ones, brothers, sisters, dreams and hopes.

Losing a son breaks you in a way nothing else can. Yet after burying their sons Israeli parents have to get up every day and choose life, find ways to continue living, honoring the legacy of their sons courage and also paving the way for the siblings of fallen soldiers.

That is where God’s army of comforters comes in.

YOU, and other faithful friends of Israel, have done more than you know to encourage our nation, to lift us up, to intercede on our behalf and ensure we never feel we are alone and our hands are never empty.

Your hand in ours has been a source of greater comfort than you imagine. Your unwavering support and firmness in standing by our side has been God’s sustaining force for the people of Israel in these trying times.

An example of how beautiful and necessary the comfort friends like YOU offer:

The Ratner family lost their brave son David on October 7th. David left behind his grieving parents, Haim and Miriam, as well as four more siblings.

Eight months into the war there are far too many families who have lost their loved ones in this terrible war. So many widows, orphans and siblings who lost their brothers.

Dealing with the loss, grief and trying to pick up the strength to continue on living for the sake of your other children requires a great deal of God’s grace.

Which is why YOUR comfort has been so invaluable.

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we were able to bring a group of Israeli teens who lost their soldier brothers and send them to a wonderful camp in the U.S. where they will be embraced, prayed over, counseled and comforted.

Supporting our nation at a time like this means comforting Israel in every way, and allowing God to restore the brokenness through your comfort.

We couldn’t do this without you!