Gospel Outreach Event in Jerusalem – Update

Beginning of the month we had organised a special Gospel outreach event in Jerusalem, taking 200 non believers on an amazing biblical tour we had prepared for them, ending the day with a celebration event for Sukkoth, where I preached the gospel of Yeshua, revealing Who He is through the significance of the festival – Him being our everlasting tabernacle.

Thanks to your prayers and generous support, you became an active and integral part of the salvation of Israel, reaching Israelis with the gospel in such an open and effective way.

We took 4 whole buses packed to the brim, and what a day we had! It was glorious!

The tour was so special to people, many of whom got to see many of the biblical sites for the first time. During the service, people started crying all across the room, saying they couldn’t hold back the tears, they couldn’t understand at first what was happening to them.


All 200 people responded to the altar call and got up to receive Yeshua as I was leading them in prayer. It was such a touching moment, when you see these faces, feel their brokeness, and realize God is doing something amazing and new here; He is touching hearts and transforming lives right as we stand there and pray for these precious souls.

Dozens of people cam forward to receive prayer for healing and for their needs. It was just the most electrifying and wonderful atmosphere for us to be in, to see how our living God still touches people through the gospel of Yeshua.

And it is all happening in our days, right here in Israel.

So much of it is thanks to you, your prayers and help, we are able to make these events a reality. And how incredible to think, just one moment like that, one opportunity when a person is present at the right place and at the right time, and his whole life is forever changed!

That fills us with so much joy and excitement. It also makes us humbly aware of the work that still lies ahead. Because we know people need to be discipled, they need to be pastored and reached out to. Which is our next phase after each gospel outreach event such as this.

Please pray:

Follow-up work: we need to continuously be in contact with these people, do house visits, build relationship with them, so they start coming to our congregation services where they will be properly fed and grow in the knowledge of their salvation.
Alpha Course: a discipleship training course we do bi-annually, that lasts about 6 weeks of intense training and teaching on the foundations of faith and the word of God.
New leaders: A blessing that also is a challenge for us is to see how fast we are growing and people are being added to us quicker than we can prepare leaders. It’s one of those blessed challenges that require a lot of grace to resolve.
Resources & provision: each gospel outreach event is an enormous task that we work and prepare for months in advance. We honestly couldn’t do it without the prayer and financial partners of Beit Hallel, and of course a faithful and amazing team of volunteers we have that invest their hearts into making such event a blessing for everyone there.
Evangelism: Continue praying for evangelism in Israel. We see the fields are white and ready for the harvest, as Yeshua said. We pray this work will not slow down, but will increase, and with it, that God will raise up more and more workers to be sent out into the fields.