Great Progress on our Building Renovations!

Expanding the Kingdom of God and winning the lost in Israel is a critically important mission that God has commissioned us with, and the preparation of places of worship and sanctuaries of fellowship goes hand in hand with that vision. The workers are sent out into the fields, which are white for harvest, and they return to the house of the Lord with those whom Yeshua has called unto Himself. These dear ones are then welcomed into a spiritual home where they can gather with the saints, to enjoy fellowship and to partake in the sweet presence of the Lord.

To that end, we have been hard at work with renovations to our Ashdod and Ashkelon venues, to make the dream a reality. These sanctuaries will serve as places where hundreds of Israelis can worship Yeshua in peace every week, as well as revival centers where Israeli believers will be discipled, leaders and ministers will be raised up, and from where new congregations will be birthed! In addition, these buildings will serve as venues for impacting conferences, seminars, Bible school, and training courses.

To give you a quick update on the progress we’ve made by the grace of God, we would like to announce that the long-awaited chairs for our sanctuary in Ashdod have finally arrived! This is a huge breakthrough as we had to stand in complete faith for the finances, the right supplier, the right shipping agent, and having them safely arrive from abroad. Just have a look at the pictures below!

At our Ashkelon branch, things are also progressing nicely, with the Lord bringing prayer and financial partners across our path to assist us in the monumental task of turning a massive underground bunker into a modern and comfortable congregation. The great thing about this location is that despite all the missile attacks from Gaza against Ashkelon, believers will be able to continue worshipping Yeshua and enjoying His presence undisturbed by rocket attacks from terrorist organizations in Gaza.

Have a look at the pictures below to see the progress being made! The central air-conditioning system has already been installed, and the walls are in the process of being painted. Now we are just standing in faith for the acoustic paneling in the sanctuary, as well as all the furniture and appliances needed in a lively and spirit-filled Israeli congregation!

Please join us as a fellow builder and pioneer for the body of Yeshua in Israel by standing with us! When you sow a financial seed of any amount into the renovations of our congregational buildings, you are helping us prepare for the harvest in Israel, and ultimately the Lord’s return. Thank you and God bless!