Healing Testimony from an Israeli Wedding!

This past Thursday was a very special day on Beit Hallel’s calendar, as we saw a new family being born into our church when Ilya and Danika were married. Ilya is one of our leaders at church, and also serves as an evangelist and worship leader. His dear wife, Danika, comes from America and has made the land of Israel her new home. She is an amazing woman of God, who has a passion for pursuing the heart of Yeshua (Jesus).  To see how God brought these two unique young people together in holy matrimony is such a testimony to God’s commitment to marriage and the sanctity of the family.

And it just so happened that during their beautiful wedding last week, God was present to do miracles, not just in the happy couple’s life, but also in the lives of some of the guests. At some point during the festivities of the wedding, Alex, one of our pastors at Beit Hallel, approached two of our leaders, Konstantin and Angela, asking them to join him in prayer for a lady called Cathy, who had come all the way from America to attend the wedding, and who found herself in terrible pain. 

Cathy had been struggling with severe back pain for a long time, due to a discrepancy in the length of her right and left legs, and it was at the wedding that she experienced a fresh bout of intense pain. It was so severe at this point that she couldn’t bend or even walk properly due to the pain shooting up her back. Alex, Konstantin, and Angela asked Cathy to sit down on a chair and to stretch out her legs. They immediately saw a difference of about 2 centimetres in the lengths of her left and right leg.

As the three of them began to pray and proclaim God’s Word over Cathy, the presence of God suddenly came down like a heavy blanket, covering them as they prayed. After they had prayed and said “Amen,” they re-evaluated her legs again and were in total shock. Her legs now appeared to be of equal length! Cathy immediately got up, and started jumping and bending down, and her eyes were wide with shock.

The pain had completely left her body! 

Cathy exclaimed her joy at experiencing the healing power of Yeshua for herself! She started to cry with relief and sat back down again.  Alex, Constantine and Angela remained with her to share more about the healing power and the love of God. They told her that healing was part of the inheritance of every child of God, and that it was always available to us by faith. 

 It was such an incredibly powerful moment that Cathy and the three ministers from Beit Hallel shared in the presence of God, and it not only restored Cathy’s body physically, but it also touched each of them deeply and irrevocably on the inside.