Healing Through Kindness
Our Winter Humanitarian Projects

Starting 2024 right means diving into our humanitarian projects that have truly become a lifeline to so many Israeli families in need. 

Helping families keep warm

One of our more crucial winter projects is providing families with heaters and comforters to keep them warm during the cold winter months. 

Having the opportunity to provide heaters and comforters for 200 families only revealed how great the need is and how thankful recently immigrated families are for this much-needed aid. 

With only 50 additional families left to provide heaters and comforters for, we know we can make it a reality with your generous support. 

Would you sponsor one family’s winter kit for a donation of $50? 

A gift of $250 will help keep 5 families warm this winter, while $2,500 will provide 50 families with much needed heaters and warm blankets this winter. 

Whenever you are compelled to give and help, know that every donation, regardless of size, goes a long way and makes a big difference in the lives of those who need it most. 

Supporting Displaced Families 

Another project we have been setting up and mobilizing is our outreach to the evacuated Ethiopian Jewish communities from the Gaza border. 

So far 120 displaced families have received our aid in the form of grocery vouchers, with many more still in immediate need. 

Even the smallest gift carries impact and results in an answered prayer of those who need us right now. 

Consider supporting our Ethiopian Jewish communities that have been displaced. 

These war relief efforts are crucial at this time because so many families are still greatly affected by the ongoing war and cannot go back home. 

Your faithful support and friendship at this difficult time is a bigger blessing than you’ll ever know.